Smooth surface & Wide model I SUPPORT bracelet with Diagnosis. Specify the desired ICD10 or ICD11 code.

Wide model I SUPPORT

Show your support by ordering this I SUPPORT jewelry, wide model. You can choose any ICD10 diagnosis or from the new ICD11 codes.

The price includes a wonderful jewelry box, inside it is a soft jewelry pillow and there is a lovely greeting from me.

Would you like to add your own message and send something like this as a surprise? Order it from the online store by adding a personalized message to the shopping cart.

The jewelry fits the wrist without shortening it, if the tight circumference of your wrist is not less than 15cm. You can adjust the jewelry a little by gently bending it to fit you.

Material: aluminum. Dimensions: 15.5 X 1.6 cm

Made in Finland, Sahalahti.

Also available with a forged surface!

You get to write the diagnosis code you want on the jewelry in the last step of the ordering phase: "Check and Confirmation".

Add your text under "Additional information about the order"

Also write in the message field if you want a forged surface for your jewelry.

39.90 €