My creativity pushes me strongly forward in my life. Illness and the resulting stagnation gave birth to something tangible: a piece of jewelry with great meaning.

I send this message to everybody who orders my jewelry. It says about: You matter! You are important!
I send this message to everybody who orders my jewelry. It says about: You matter! You are important!

I've been through a lot in my life. Already in my childhood I have experienced trauma. I have been bullied at school in grades 1-9. Bullies made me believe all kinds of things about myself that weren't true. As an adult, I encountered strained relationships and stressful work situations. I was always that kind and flexible person. As if I had a sign on me: Welcome, wipe your shoes here, please. I was also lonely for a long time, and exhausted, without direction.

In the spring of 2022, I decided that instead of surviving alone, I would look for more information and outside help for myself. What made me do that? - I couldn't get out of my house anymore. I couldn't enter the store because I was anxious. I cried in my car in the store yard and called my spouse that I can't take this anymore. All the things somehow worried and scared me. Money matters, work, own health, coping with loved ones... the future... the list went on and on!

So, in the spring of 2022, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (diagnosis F41.1). It felt relieving and scary at the same time. What if there is a problem with this "stamp" in my health information later, when it comes to getting a job or, for example, insurance? This is also possible, unfortunately. However, I jumped into the unknown, and accepted the help, which luckily I got from public health care still.

The idea did not immediately take the shape of this piece of jewelry. The idea slowly came to my mind thanks to psychotherapy during the summer of 2022. I knew I wanted to somehow show acceptance towards the illness I was facing, after all, after years of struggling alone, it had stopped me at my wits end. I also wanted to leave behind something tangible in this world.

The idea of ​​something light, but even heavier in content, ripened in my mind. One summer day after a nap, my inventive mind and my desire to help myself and others combine perfectly in this idea; and that's how the idea took shape.

I want to encourage everyone to be creative, and to express it. I believe that through it we can grow as people and as companies in the business world.

My creativity pushes me strongly forward in my life. Illness and, thanks to it, stagnation gave birth to something tangible. A matter of great importance to myself, and soon to many others hopefully : I carry this piece of jewelry with me with great gratitude and love. The eternity symbol here in the logo and other parts represents spirituality, eternal love and empowerment. Through my experiences, I sign the message of the symbol as a factor that empowers me aswell.

I feel deep gratitude towards myself, and all my loved ones and those who have helped me, especially people. Our bodies are wonderful and intelligent "vehicles". The most important thing is that I have come to understand that the shame I have carried with me for most of my life is no longer mine. Now is the time to change the world. A diagnosis jewelry has been born!

Thank you for being with me in this journey. I'm not alone anymore.

See you &  I hope to hear from you in the signs of the contact!

With love, Indigo