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1. Are products or gifts eligible for return?

Jewelry is made to order for each customer by forging the letters into the jewelry. Thus, the product is comparable to a personal one, and therefore the product has no right of exchange or return. For more information, please read the "Practices and data protection in brief" section.

2. How do I know that the bracelet is fit for me?

Measure the tight circumference of your wrist with a soft measuring tape. If the thickness of your wrist is less than 15 cm, I recommend shortening the jewelry. Please, contact me personally and we'll figure it out together. The wristbands can be shortened, but unfortunately cannot be lengthened. Otherwise, you can slightly adjust the bracelet yourself by gently bending it to make it more suitable. For example, widen, narrow.

3. I noticed that I made a mistake in my order as soon as I had sent the order in the online store. What do I do now?

No worries! Tell me briefly what happened. You can use, for example, the contact form found on the "Contact" page as a contact method. In your message, please state the date of the order, as well as the order number that arrived in your email confirmation message, your name and your business name also. If the case is urgent, such as an incorrect text or a typo, please contact me by phone +358 45 107 28 78. You can also send the text message "urgent" and I will call you back as soon as possible.

In cases of complaints, how does the refund take place?

We will refund according to your original payment method, for example if you have paid with a credit card, we will refund to the credit card you used, etc. However, we always comply with Finnish law in our operations, as well as the instructions given by the Credit Union or the payment transaction agency. If you have any questions, please send a message: