Indigo Lavender

Who is behind the Artist name?

The name Indigo Lavender was born when I started making my own artworks in 2022. Art still serves as a therapeutic tool for me. At the same time that I started my current psychotherapy journey and began to search for my own identity, I discovered a sensitive artist inside me that I didn't know existed before. Being an artist gives me a face and a framework to be me. It gives freedom to be creative. A bit funny. Humor plays a very important role in my life. Sometimes it's nice to laugh at yourself, and learn to live a little more. My identity has also always been somewhat feminine. Today, my appearance also brings masculinity to my personality. Hence the Unisex name. That's why Unisex jewelry.

Indigo is my favorite color, and Lavender is my favorite flower. Also, the scent of lavender has always calmed me down to sleep during difficult times. That's why Indigo Lavender felt right when I thought about my own stage name. It's soft enough to highlight my particular sensibility, which I'm drawing from these days.

However, behind the name Indigo Lavender is a very ordinary person, and his name is Marco Rantanen. I live with my husband in the countryside. I have turned 38 this year (2022) and I have previous work experience in the retail industry, where I worked as a salesperson and supervisor for a total of 13 years. However, it exhausted me with its hecticness, and I set out to find a new direction for my life. Since then, I have studied to become a Home trader real estate agent, and I recently studied for myself as an Entrepreneur. Only this year I can actually say that my life has started to fall into place, and I have found things that truly suit me in my life.

With my message, I want to point out that age is just numbers. Health is what matters the most, and it's worth putting effort into it. Without it, it's hard to live the life we want. I also break my way of thinking that it is always more than OK to start over. And that we have an ever-changing body, and a changing world around us. That's why sometimes you have to start again with permission. It's hard trying to hold on to the past. It's not even possible. So the eye is on the future.

Once again, thank you very warmly for being a part of this journey.

Let's change the attitudes we face together, and let's change this world into a better place to live as ourselves. I believe that together we will do it.

With pleasure,

-Marco Rantanen (Indigo Lavender