Questions about practice & delivery

1. Cancellation of the purchase

The order can be canceled until we have processed the order and let it be transported by the company according to the delivery method. With regard to engraved products or products made to order, cancellation is usually not possible, but the order is binding. However, it is possible to cancel a binding order until the product is engraved. In such cases, you can contact us as soon as possible by phone by calling +358 45 107 28 78..

2. Errors and product complaints

Errors or defects found in the products must be reported immediately, or at the latest within 7 days of receiving the order. Complaints must be made by e-mail to or by phone +358 45 107 28 78. If the package is damaged at Posti or Matkahuolto, the product must be immediately complained to Posti or Matkahuolto.

3. Data protection

We value your privacy. We only collect things that are relevant to the creation of the order and the delivery of the order. We store data on a separate secure server. We do not disclose any information to third parties. Please, read more at Our Privacy policy page.

4. Right of return

The product is made to order for the customer and because of the engraving, it is personalized, so the product does not have the right to return.

5.Returned shipments

If the shipment is returned to the sender undelivered, we will charge the customer a fee of €15.00 for the product, which consists of the handling and packaging costs of the product.

6. Force majeure

Company Diagnoosikoru is not responsible for delays caused by force majeure or for indirect damages caused by incorrect condition of the products or delayed delivery.

Questions about the Jewelry

1. How do I take care of my aluminum jewelry?

It is very easy to clean your aluminum jewelry. For example, use mild soap or dishwashing detergent and rinse with warm water. Dry. And ta-daa that's it!

2.Can the jewelry withstand water?

Aluminum jewelry is highly resistant to water. It will not rust or darken even if you take a shower with your jewelry, but be careful not to rub the jewelry with, for example, a sponge or a washing brush. However, you shouldn't go swimming with jewelry ( swimming pool with chlorine ).

3. Does the jewelry darken, or does it somehow stain the skin?

The jewelry does not darken or stain the skin.

4. Does the jewelry cause an allergic reaction to the skin?

Probably not. Because aluminum jewelry does not contain, for example, nickel. However, you should consult a doctor if you are worried about a metal allergy. Please also notify us immediately if skin problems occur during use via phone: +358 45 107 28 78 or Customer service at

5. Is aluminum jewelry an ecological choice?

Aluminum jewelry can last up to years of use and is a durable choice of material when used carefully. It should be noted, however, that the production of aluminum as a material takes a lot of energy, so it is very important to use energy sources in the production that leave a small as possible carbon footprint.

6.How do bleach and alcohol-based cleaners affect aluminum?

Aluminum may darken if it comes into contact with bleach or alcohol-based cleaning agents. If the substance gets on the surface of the jewelry, rinse the jewelry with water and dry.

7.How do I recycle the product?

If for some reason you want to recycle the product, aluminum should be left in the metal collection ( according by law in Finland ). Check the location of the nearest recycling point in your own city, if your housing association does not yet have a metal recycling point. Did you know that aluminum does not deteriorate from recycling, and about 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use. Always check your local restrictions and laws to recycling correctly!

8.Is aluminum dangerous to health?

According to currently (8/2022)  available research results, aluminum in solid form has not been found to be dangerous to health. Aluminum enters the body most often with both food and drinking water. However, its absorption is normally very low, because dietary phosphates bind aluminum in a non-absorbable form. Aluminum is used, for example, in consumer goods such as ceramics, paper, lamps and glass, all the way to medicines, paints, explosives and fuel additives.

9. Can you get jewelry in different sizes, for example suitable for a child?

Currently, jewelry can only be made smaller. I have also made jewelry for adults with particularly narrow wrists. Contact me via message and we'll talk about the right size for you. For safety reasons, however, I do not personally recommend the jewelry for young & small children.

10. What if I don't want a diagnosis on my jewelry?

You can also request a text on the inside of the bracelet. In this case, I do not add color to the engraving to avoid possible skin irritation. Another option is that you can also order an I SUPPORT text bracelet, where you show your support to, for example, your loved one by using, for example, their diagnosis in the bracelet. The third option is to order another text you want for the jewelry, because I also make text and number jewelry to order.

Does something still worry you? I would love to make you feel safe. Please, Just ask.