Did you come looking for empowerment and a good mood for yourself or a loved one?

You have arrived at the right place.

In my studio in Sahalahti, Finland. I handcraft text jewelry such as power statement text jewelry as well as Diagnoosikoru™ according to my own brand. I will also prepare a text according to your wishes for a piece of jewelry as a keepsake for yourself or, for example, for your party guests. My product range is constantly growing. I have built this site as if you were visiting me. Welcome to Indigo Lavender! I hope you enjoy our stay.

Good news!
⚭ koru Shop online store is now open. Did you know? Koru means jewelry in finnish. 

This season! Warm magic. Delight your loved ones with a personalized piece of jewelry. 

Order gifts before dec. 5th, please. 

I want my work to be meaningful, that's why I ask: How did I succeed with my service & the products?

The earrings were lovely and unique! Even though my skin is sensitive, I was still able to use these well. Thank you! I recommend.



The wider forged text bracelet I ordered is even nicer in the hand than it looked in the pictures. This model also fits larger wrists well. Good to be able to adjust a little also myself by bending it gently.



If you wish, you can participate here and give me valuable additional information about my products. Messages are published anonymously**.